Bachi – as a child I was always told that if I had done something bad and then something bad happened to me, it was “bachi”. In other words, bad actions have consequences. Some would describe this as karma or what goes around comes around. I have had difficulty finding an official definition, probably because this is a Japanese word, and I do not speak Japanese (thank you Executive Order 9066 which discouraged Japanese-Americans from teaching their children to speak Japanese).

bachigirl is Susan Ugai, a third generation Japanese American (sansei) Nebraskan. She knits; crochets; weaves (beginner level); golfs (badly); cheers on Husker Women’s Basketball, Softball & Baseball; loves Hello Kitty for her kindness; serves on the board of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland; and in her spare time practices law in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Photo above created by Casey, co-founder and code monkey at Ravelry.

Twitter: @SusanU